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The only thing that will always need to be replaced over time is your Apple battery. Whether it’s your iPhone or your Apple laptop we all know that after some time, they last nowhere near as long as they used too.

If your Apple battery life feels poor it won’t always need to be replaced. Sometimes you can calibrate the battery and bring it back to good health. We do this with every repair we see but if you’d like to try it yourself follow these simple steps.

  • Run your battery down to 0%. So just keep using the device until it powers off.
  • Leave it off for as long as you can or 12 hours if possible. Usually leaving it overnight will do the trick.
  • Charge it back up to 100%. Do your best not to unplug it until it’s fully charged.

After this you should have a battery that is performing much better. But if it’s continuing to cause you problems, get in touch for a comprehensive Apple battery test or replacement.

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